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Science Symposium for Biological Innovations and AP Biology Students

Students in the Biological Innovations and Advanced Placement Biology courses at Easton High School presented their research projects at the annual Science Symposium in the school media center on Wednesday April 26.

After conducting research in a scientific area of interest, students invited their mentors, parents and guardians, school administrators and the general public to an evening event that included a poster session along with formal electronic presentations.

Research topics ranged from the medical field to the environment, including such titles as “The Effects of Personalized Medicine on Treatment Protocol of Cancer Patients”, “Smartphone Use and Effects on the Human Body”, “White Nose Syndrome in Bats”, “The Biochemistry of Taste and Smell”, “The Effects of Plastic Debris on Aquatic Life”, “Use of Viral Immunotherapy”, “Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer on the Eastern Shore”, “Schizophrenia: Nature vs. Nurture”, “Understanding Eating Disorders”, “Oyster Restoration” and “Dental Health and Alzheimer’s”.

Teachers Cheryl Overington and LeeAnn Hutchison organized the Science Symposium to celebrate the accomplishments of high school students in the area of scientific research, and to recognize the importance of scientists and health care experts as mentors, and an integral part of the TCPS science program.