ap-scholars-banner.pngThe Board of Education recognized students who have achieved the status of Advanced Placement Scholar through their performance on AP exams throughout high school.  The list includes members of the classes of 2018 and 2019. AP exams are scored on a 5-point scale, with many colleges and universities granting credits for scores of 3, 4 or 5.  A score of 3 or higher on an AP exam indicates that a student is considered “Qualified” for college credit and capable of being successful in a college level introductory course in the particular content area.

There are 4 levels of AP Scholar, with definitions as follows:

National AP Scholar – Score of 4 or higher on all exams; completed at least 8 exams
AP Scholar with Distinction – Average of 3.5 or higher; 3 or higher on 5 or more exams
AP Scholar with Honor – Average of 3.25 or higher; 3 or higher on 4 or more Exams
AP Scholar – Score of 3 or higher on 3 or more exams

The following students are Talbot County Public Schools’ Advanced Placement Scholars for 2018:

National AP Scholars

Langfitt, Matthew - EHS
Lucero, Alyssa - EHS

AP Scholar with Distinction

Elliott, Colin N. - EHS
Joshi, Lucas C. - EHS
Keeler, Matthew G. - EHS
Ketterman, Kristin P.- EHS
McDonald, Erin K. - EHS
Odenwald, Joseph S. - EHS
Remaniak, Catherine C. - EHS
Spofford, Kathryn N. - EHS
Teale, Richard T. - EHS
Wittman, Abigail M. - EHS
Wood, Caroline M.  - EHS
Rieck, Benjamin J. - SMMHS

AP Scholar with Honor

Boldt, August M. - EHS
Bruce, Susanna P. - EHS
Cheema, Minahil W. - EHS
Denton, Anna S. - EHS
Eutsey, Martin C. - EHS
Felix-Martinez, Arlette - EHS
Fisher, Phoebe G. - EHS
Hurst, Adrienne E. - EHS
Hutchison, Jackson C. - EHS
Kuchnio, Julia P. - EHS
Lambeth, Gabrielle I. - EHS
Matsche, Alex J. - EHS
Mentges, Hunter E. - EHS
Panduwawala, Natasha A. - EHS
Patel, Dharti R. - EHS
Martinez, Elmer A. - SMMHS
Stinchcomb, Kyla A.- SMMHS

AP Scholar

Bauman, Oliver T. - EHS
Beakley, Steffani L. - EHS
Begley, Alexander R. - EHS
Chansler, Rachael N. - EHS
Clark, Alexis L. - EHS
Danels, Zachary W. - EHS
Davis, Sabrina A. - EHS
Deguzman, Jared C. - EHS
Friedman, Jordan L. - EHS
Kane, Francis G. - EHS
Kessinger, Hayden W. - EHS
Kulp, Daniel W. - EHS
Lantz, Mitchell R. - EHS
Magill, Kelley L. - EHS
Peterson, Jack R. - EHS
Redmond, Emily E.- EHS
Robinson, Sarah M. - EHS
Roser, Ellie C. - EHS
Russ, Michaela C. - EHS
Sanders, Jonah P. - EHS
Sauter, Catherine B. - EHS
Scott, Riley E. - EHS
Sparks, Mary K. - EHS
Stockman, Josie M. - EHS
Tilley, Kaitlyn M. - EHS
Trice, Nathaniel E. - EHS
Wilson, Mackenzie L. - EHS
Wittman, Emily A. - EHS
Zhang, James J. - EHS
Zheng, Tiffany - EHS
Bagley, Hannah L. - SMMHS
Berry, Layla C. - SMMHS
Gutierrez, Christopher L. - SMMHS
McCue, Cian J. - SMMHS
McGovern, Elise I. - SMMHS
Shaw, May A. - SMMHS
Shreves, Lydia A. - SMMHS
Steen, Brodie M. - SMMHS
Stewart, Savannah B. - SMMHS
Wheatley, Taylor L. - SMMHS
Yacopino, Eve - SMMHS

“I congratulate to all of these outstanding students on this very high level of academic achievement ,” said Superintendent Kelly Griffith.  “Advanced Placement courses offer our students the opportunity to experience college level courses, and in many cases, qualify for college credit based on their scores.  We will continue to work to expand our Advanced Placement opportunities and encourage all students to try AP!”




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