FY21 Board Approved Budget

The FY21 Budget was approved at the February 19th BOE Meeting. The approved budget and Dr. Griffith's presentation to County Council is linked here.

The FY21 Proposed Budget was presented to the Board of Education at the December 18th Meeting and the Talbot County Board of Education approved the final Budget, after public input and discussion, at the February 19th Board Meeting. The Talbot County Council will discuss  preliminary appropriations on April 14, 2020 and hold a Public Budget Hearing  on May 5th.  The Board receives final allocation in June. Below is Dr. Griffith's letter to County County and links to the Approved Budget and Presentation Slides.


The future of our community depends upon a sustained collaborative partnership between Talbot County Public Schools and the Talbot County Council in the delivery of a high quality education for all of our children. Together our goal is to provide a wide spectrum of educational programs and ample opportunities to meet the diverse and changing needs of our students, our families, and our community.

Our goal in FY21 is to meet current needs, raise academic achievement, and provide increased opportunities for every child. Our community faces many challenges that impact this mission:  47% (2,210) of our of our children live in poverty, more than 12% of our children speak English as a second language in a community where more than 20 languages are spoken, and over 224 of our students qualified as homeless as of October 2019.

The FY21 Budget Process is a collaborative effort. Priorities are determined with shared input from community members, parents, students, teachers and administrators. The amount requested in the FY21 budget reflects the Board’s commitment to acquire the funding necessary to support, develop and improve the educational services for the students in the Talbot County Public School system.

Our FY21 Budget reflects the priorities needed for a quality education:

  • Salary Step plus a COLA increase for all staff Additional positions:
    • Special Education (2)
    • Behavior Analysts/Coaches (2)
    • Mental Health Social Workers (2)
    • English Language Learners (2)
    • Secondary Teachers (3)
    • Reading Intervention - Senate Bill 734 (3)
    • Gifted and Talented (1)
    • Secondary Math Coaches (1)
    • Literacy Coaches (8)  
    • Support Staff (3)- Human Resource Admin (House Bill 486), Technology Systems Admin, Grant Admin 
    • Resource Officers (2) (Contracted Services)
  • Increase of 9% for health care costs
  • Textbooks for Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2
  • Secondary English Language Arts Materials
  • Replace informal Reading Assessment as dictated by Senate Bill 734
  • Mid Shore Special Education Consortium Increase

We are proud of our accomplishments over the past year. The TCPS team continually works to create a positive learning environment to ultimately increase college and career opportunities for our children once they graduate from our schools.

Highlights from the 2019-20 School Year

  • Increased our Graduation Rate to 93% and decreased our drop out rate to 4%
  • Class of 2019 Earned $14.8 Million in Scholarship Dollars
  • 50% of the class of 2019 Earned a Career and Technology Completer
  • 51% Completed at least 1 Advanced Placement (AP) Course
  • Expanded new curriculum for middle school math, language arts, and science
  • Full day Pre-K at EESD and SMES
  • Additional staff for English Language Learners and Special Education
  • Expanded industry certified programs with a collaborative agreement through Chesapeake College
  • Increased safety measures in all schools through grants. 
  • Increased to 4 School Resource Officers to cover all TCPS schools.
  • Established scholarships at select colleges for education majors who commit to employment with TCPS upon
  • graduation
  • Hired full-time of a School Safety and Security Supervisor within existing budget
  • Grant funded 8 literacy coaches and 2 social workers
  • Continued partnership with the Sheriff’s Department and Talbot Goes Purple to raise awareness about the opioid
  • crisis and the dangers of substance abuse.
  • Continued building the Education Foundation which has awarded nearly $100,000 in grants to teachers for innovative projects for our students. The community has invested more than $333,000 in innovative teaching and learning
  • Finalizing the construction of the new Easton Elementary School with assistance and support of State and Local Government funding

We are committed to continuous improvement as we begin the TCPS Strategic Plan Update to target specific goals and advance our roadmap for future success. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions or meet with Council’s staff on the specifics of our request, and we look forward to presenting our proposed budget on March 3, 2020.

The Talbot County Board of Education appreciates the Talbot County Council’s partnership in shared goals and financial support. Together we can meet the needs of our community and ensure continued growth and vitality for Talbot County.