Online Learning Family Tutorials

Everything you need to know to begin TCPS remote learning!

Everything you need to know to start TCPS remote learning!

Please note: teachers are still finalizing FROG pages, and school counselors are working through schedule revisions. Students' FROG Dashboards may not display their final schedule until Monday afternoon. Thank you for your patience!

Pre-K - 2 Online Learning Instructions

Pre-K-2 Instructions (PDF)

Pre-K - 2 Instrucciones de Aprendizaje en Línea

Pre-k-2 Instrucciones (PDF)

Grades 3-5 Online Learning Instructions

Grades 3-5 Instructions (PDF)

Grados 3-5 Instrucciones de Aprendizaje en Línea

Grados 3-5 Instrucciones (PDF)

Middle and High School Instructions

Middle & High School Instructions (pdf)

Secundaria y preparatoria Instrucciones

Secundaria y preparatoria Instrucciones (pdf)