Student Perspective: Sports Timeline by Tyler Redman

I think most people would agree that your high school experience as a whole is much much more than the 5 classes you attend Monday through Friday. It’s also the many hours before and after school, where students are given a wide selection of clubs and sports to choose from, to help enrich their high school experience overall. These various clubs and sports offered by EHS give students a way to express themselves outside the classroom, and also help students feel like part of smaller communities within the larger EHS community. The very heart and soul of EHS exists within these various activities offered throughout the school year, and it is extremely important to advocate to keep these extracurriculars during the 2020-2021 school year. Ensuring the continuation of Scholastic sports helps remind students that even though we are divided into an A day, B day schedule, everyone, either virtual or in person can all come together on the field.