EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 06/13/01
REVISED: 06/20/12

ADOPTED: 08/13/14


I. The procedure for carrying out Talbot County’s Student Suspension Policy Code

10.22 is as follows:

A. Suspension for no longer than ten (10) days-In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Talbot County Board of Education, each principal of a public school may suspend for cause, for not more than 10 school days, any student in the school who is under the direction of the principal.

1. In-School Suspension:

a. An in-school removal is not considered a day of suspension as long as the student is afforded the opportunity to continue to:

1. Appropriately progress in the general curriculum;

2. Receive the special education and related services specified on the student’s IEP, if the student is a student with a disability in accordance with COMAR 13A.05.01;

3. Receive instruction commensurate with the program afforded to the student in regular classroom; and

4. Participate with peers as they would in their current education program to the extent appropriate.

b. A student may not receive an in-school suspension unless the student has been informed of the reasons for the suspension and has been given an opportunity to respond before the suspension becomes effective.

c. The school principal shall provide the student’s parents with written notification of the in-school suspension action taken by the school.

d. After 10 days of cumulative in-school suspension, the student, the student’s parents or guardian, and the principal shall confer.

e. The student’s school of current enrollment shall make provision for the student’s education during the period of in- school suspension.

f. Talbot County Board of Education shall develop and implement a behavioral program of positive interventions to address the causes of behavior as part of an in-school suspension.” MD. CODE OF REGS. 13A.08.01.11(C)(2)

2. Suspension (Short Term, Out-of-School): The removal of a student from school for, up to but not more than, 3 school days for disciplinary reasons by the principal.

3.Suspension (Long Term, Out of School): The removal of a student

from school for a time period between 4-10 school days for disciplinary reasons by the principal.

B. Administrative Responsibilities

1. Administrator observes due process provisions of COMAR 13A.08.01.11C with student (13A.08.03.03 for students with disabilities).

2. Administrator reviews behavior history and prior remediation efforts.

3. Administrator determines appropriate penalty (see “Student Code of Conduct, Policy 10.14

4. Administrator completes appropriate suspension report.

5. The student or the student’s parent or guardian promptly shall be given a conference with the Principal /designee and any other appropriate personnel during the suspension period.

6. At or before the conference, the student shall receive oral or written notice of the charges against him/her. If the student denies the charges, the student has the right to an explanation of the evidence and an opportunity to present the student’s side of the story. It is within the sole and absolute discretion of the Principal/designee, not to disclose the names and addresses of potential witnesses, where the identification of student witnesses may result in retaliation, hazing, bullying or intimidation.

7. A student whose presence in school poses a continuing danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process may be removed immediately from school, if the notice and conference required by this subsection is provided as soon as possible.

8. If the Principal finds that an extended suspension or expulsion is warranted, the principal immediately shall report the matter in writing to the local superintendent.

9. Administrator confers with referring teacher prior to the suspended student’s scheduled return.

C. Suspension for more than ten (10) days or expulsion see Policy Code 10.23