EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 04/21/04
REVISED: 08/10/16
REVIEWED: 08/10/16
Second Reader: 07/20/16


I. Purpose of the Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee is a mechanism to provide interested citizens with ways to become involved with public education in Talbot County (per Code Requirements; Section 4-112). The Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) reports directly to the Board of Education. Its purpose is twofold:

A. To advise the Board and to facilitate its activities and programs in the public schools.

B. To advise the Board in the formulation and review of general policy and procedures for the operation of the public schools.

II. Composition and Term of Service

Membership on the Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) shall be decided as follows:

A. The Board of Education of Talbot County shall appoint members of the CAC annually by September 30.

B. Membership on the CAC shall include one member from each public school building (9) in Talbot County recommended jointly by its PTA/PTO and school principal. Additionally, the Board of Education of Talbot County through an application process (attached) shall designate five (5) at-large members.

The total membership shall be 14.

  • Membership on the CAC of the Board of Education of Talbot County shall be for a one or two year period. In order to assure continuity, one half of the members shall be appointed each year as follows:

FY(even) FY(odd)

EES Moton EES Dobson




EMS At Large 1

At Large 2 At Large 3

At Large 4 At Large 5

D. In the event a member resigns his/her seat prior to end of term, the Board shall

appoint a member to fill out the vacancy term only.

E. In accordance with Public School Law 4-102, the Superintendent of Schools or designee shall attend all Advisory Committee meetings. The Superintendent shall not be considered a member, and therefore will be without the privilege of voting on Committee actions.

III. Financing and Meeting Arrangements

The Board of Education of Talbot County will provide a meeting place for the CAC and will make word processing and duplication tools available for the Committee's use. ­

IV. Privacy Rights­

The members of the CAC will not have access to personnel or student records. ­ ­

V. Meetings ­ ­ ­

The CAC shall meet at the direction of the Board of Education with a minimum of four meetings a year but may meet more often if the committee elects to do so. The calendar will be set at the first meeting of the school year. Meeting minutes shall be provided to all CAC members, Board Members, and the Superintendent.


The Advisory Committee shall elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Recorder at the first meeting of the year. The term of office for each shall be one year. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of attending members.

It shall be the duty of the Chairperson to assure that the Committee performs the functions for which it was organized, to call and preside at meetings, to prepare an agenda prior to each meeting, and to report to the Board as needed.

It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chairperson to assist the Chairperson, and in the absence of that officer, to perform the duties of that officer. It shall be the duty of the Recorder to maintain a written record of the actions and assemblies of the committee. The Executive Assistant to the Board of Education may be asked to prepare and distribute minutes to the Committee members and assist in the preparation of written reports for the Board of Education.

VII.Voting Procedure

A quorum must be present in order to take action on an issue on behalf of the committee. A quorum is defined as at least 7 members.

The Committee should utilize majority vote when appropriate to reach consensus on an issue. The Chairperson shall cast a vote on an issue only in case of a tie vote.

VIII. Advisory Status

The Board of Education welcomes input and advice from the Citizens Advisory Committee; however, since the Board may need to make decisions which are not congruent with the Committee’s advice, the Board reserves the right to accept or reject recommendations of the Committee.