EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 01/11/89
REVIEWED: 7/21/10


I. It is the desire of the Board of Education that school administrators strive to maintain a

cooperative relationship with law enforcement agencies by providing necessary

information and access to students within the scope of the law. School administrators

will encourage cooperative efforts with law enforcement agencies for crime prevention and safety education.

A. Police Visits to School Premises

1. In order to deter unlawful and/or unsafe conduct and to apprehend those involved in the same, a principal or assistant principal may invite police officers onto school property or into school building whether during normal school hours or after hours. Such visits may involve performing security functions or general patrol of school property. Police officers who are off duty may be employed as school security officers on either a regular or intermittent basis. Licensed security guards may also be employed with the approval of the Superintendent. The Superintendent may designate one or more officers as police liaison officers. Such officers may counsel students on issues and matters relating to law enforcement.

2. The Superintendent may authorize police officers to function in an undercover capacity on school property. In the event that such authorization is given, either the president, vice president, or a majority of the members of the Board of Education shall be notified within three school days of the commencement of the undercover operation.

B. Arrest on School Premises

1. When possible and appropriate, arrest by police should be made during non-school hours and away from the school premises.

2. When an arrest on school premises during the school hours is necessary, the principal or person in charge shall ascertain the facts from the arresting officer, which will enable him/her to fully advise the parent, or guardian, and other school officials of the nature of the charge, the identity of the arresting officer, and the location of the pupil.


3. When an arrest has taken place on school premises, or during school hours, every effort shall be made by school officials to inform the parent or guardian immediately, and thereafter, promptly advise the Superintendent's office.

4. Arrest on school premises during school hours shall be effectuated in such a manner as to avoid both embarrassment to the pupil being arrested, and jeopardizing the safety and welfare of other pupils.

5. School officials may not permit questioning of a pupil under arrest on the school premises, and shall request the arresting officer to remove the pupil from the premises as soon as practicable after the arrest is made. (By authority of State Board of Education Bylaw 13A.08.01.12)

C. Reporting Crimes

1. School officials shall promptly report to the responsible law enforcement agencies all police matters coming to their attention whether occurring on or away from the school premises which involve pupils attending the particular school.

2. Police matters shall not include conduct which has been traditionally treated as a matter of discipline to be handled administratively by the particular school, except that all such conduct of a serious nature should be promptly reported to the parent or guardian concerned.

3. Whether or not he/she receives compensation for his/her services, a teacher,

guidance counselor, or member of the administrative or educational staff of any public, private, or parochial school is immune from civil liability for:

a. Making a report required by law, if he/she acts on reasonable grounds; and

b. Participating in a judicial proceeding that results from this report.