EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 02/25/04
REVISED: 05/16/07
REVIEWED: 08/03/10


I. Introduction

The Talbot County Board of Education has directed the Superintendent to develop regulations to implement policy code 11.2 pertaining to fee structure, proper supervision and security, breakage, damage, maintenance, and liability insurance.

II. Priority Users

A. The individual school’s needs shall always be the first priority for use of its buildings and/or grounds.

B. Other Talbot County Public Schools will have second priority for use of another school’s facilities and/or grounds.

C. Several community organizations and agencies have pre-existing, written, cooperative facility use agreements with the Talbot County Public Schools detailing varied terms, including cost reimbursement. Such organizations directly serve students and/or their parents with programs related to education, athletics, the arts, or whose mission is to support Talbot County Public Schools and groups that are extracurricular extensions of traditional classroom subjects. These organizations include Chesapeake College, Easton Day Care, St. Michaels Community Center, Talbot County Parks and Recreation Talbot County YMCA and the Eastern Shore Athletic Organization (ESAO). The Board may enter into additional cooperative facility use agreements in the future with organizations meeting the above criteria. Organizations with such agreements have third priority.

D. Organizations providing direct services to children, including but not limited to, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, youth sports organizations, etc., shall have fourth priority.

E. All other not for profit community agencies and organizations shall have fifth priority.

III. Fees and Charges

A. Fees calculated to reimburse the Talbot County Public Schools for direct and indirect costs will be charged for the use of school facilities. These include the cost of utilities, custodians, technicians, and security personnel. All fees will be calculated based upon usage time; see the Finance Department’s current schedule of fees to determine total cost.


B. Charges and fees are not pro-rated for multiple occupancy. Each group or organization will pay the full amount of fees and charges accruing to the sponsored activity.

C. Custodial Support and Incidentals

1. Custodial charges will be assessed for the entire event time including all time necessary for set up and break down. An additional hour will be assessed to open (.50 hour) and secure (.50 hour) the facility.

2. Other personnel charges (technical, security, etc.) will be assessed based upon usage


3. See the Finance Department’s current schedule of fees to determine personnel and facility costs.

D. Organizations with a Board approved cooperative facility use agreements (see Section B (3) above) shall be charged fees in accordance with the terms of their agreement.

E. Organizations providing direct services to students with after-school programs during the regular work day will normally not be charged fees unless they require Talbot County Public School staff to provide direct services. These organizations will be charged the usual fees for any facility use beyond the regular work day or when services as noted above are required.

F. Rates may be adjusted as necessary based upon changes in economic circumstances

of the Talbot County Schools; the expected number of participants compared with the actual number of participants; and the frequency of use.

G. Billing Process

1. Step 1: Schools should reference the most current schedule of fees in order to estimate hourly charges.

2. Step 2: Notify using group of total estimated charges prior to scheduling.

3. Step 3: If the group agrees to pay the estimated charges, the school will submit a Building Use Form and an After Hours Energy Request to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services.

4. Step 4: The school or group issues a check to Talbot County Public Schools for the estimated amount to be submitted with the Building Use Form.


IV. Proper Supervision and Security

A. Coaches cannot coach and be aware of the activities of their players/participants at all times which may result in players/participants unsupervised in the halls, bathrooms, locker rooms, and other areas. A minimum of two (2) adults are required at every practice, game, etc. One of the adults should be a TCPS’ employee that must be on site at all times, except as may be permitted by a Board approved facility use agreement.

B. At the end of each use, a walk through must be done to assure that the building is ready for the next school day. If this is not done and additional custodial cleanup is needed, the cost will be charged to the user.

C. Students of any age will not be allowed to supervise other students or participants.

D. Participants may not be left unsupervised in any areas.

E. Participants may not be left outside the building unsupervised after an event. Talbot County Public Schools staff is not responsible for any participants left inside or outside the building after normal school hours. An adult responsible for the building usage must remain on site until all participants have left school property.

F. Keys and alarm codes will be assigned to appropriate TCPS employees only, except as may be permitted by a Board approved facility use agreement.

G. Keys and alarm codes cannot to be given or loaned to any other person. Any employee who violates safety procedures by providing keys or alarm codes to others will lose their facility use privileges and is may be disciplined for misconduct.

H. A Building Use Form must be submitted and approved by Plant Operations before any building/facility use can occur. The Form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event. The event may not occur until a Building Use Form has received final approval.

I. Any one attempting to use the building/facility without an approved building use form will be asked to leave the site.

J. Use of kitchen facilities is restricted and must be pre-approved by the Talbot County Public School’s Food Service Department. An approved Talbot County Food Service employee must be on the premises for the duration of the event.


K. Use of any school facility or grounds can be cancelled due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Such need for cancellation will be determined at the discretion of the Superintendent, school administrators and/or Plant Operations Manager.

V. Breakage, Damage and Maintenance

A. All repairs resulting from damage due to building use will be billed at an hourly rate to the user group responsible.

B. All costs billed at hourly rates will start when the repair technician is dispatched and continue until repairs are completed and the building is secured.

C. All costs of equipment, materials, supplies and/or contracted services will be billed to the user group at a ten (10) percent markup to cover administrative cost.

D. Any needed or requested repairs must be submitted on a maintenance request form through the School Manager.

VI. Liability Insurance

The organization using the building shall agree to maintain general liability insurance coverage during the duration of the event. Coverage shall be at least a combined single limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. The user also agrees to have the Talbot County Public Schools named as an additional insured on that policy.