EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 08/26/92
REVIEWED: 07/10/10


I. The Board of Education of Talbot County encourages a broad range of community support for all of its schools. That support may come from the P.T.A., individuals, foundations, organizations, and the business/industrial community and be in the form of money, personal time and expertise, and/or material/equipment donations.

II. The Board appreciates the active, community support given each of its schools. Such support enhances the quality of each school and, hence, the school system as a whole.

III. While the Board desires strong community support for all of its schools, it also must concern itself with the school system as a whole and issues of consistency and equity. Hence, the Board directs that the receipt of any gift or donation by any school or the school system at large, be evaluated generally in light of the following criteria:

  1. *Be from acceptable donors
  2. Meet the needs of the schools and/or our school system
  3. Serve to enrich opportunities for Talbot students and be consistent with Talbot curricula, co-curricula, and other long-range plans
  4. Not add to staff load or requirements
  5. Not add (or continue) a program the Board may not be able to take over
  6. Not bring hidden costs
  7. Place no restrictions on a school or the Board
  8. Not be an endorsement of any business or product
  9. Not conflict with school or public laws, policies, or plans

IV. The Board further directs that procedures for receipt of cash, material or equipment, gifts or grants by any school or the school system be established. These procedures should:

  1. Afford assurance that the above criteria are followed.
  2. Allow the Superintendent and Board to have the opportunity to be aware of, approve, and acknowledge major contributions to the school system.
  3. Define major contributions, as cash, material/equipment, or grants in excess of $1000 in value.
  4. Recognize the unique relationship between the schools, PTA’s, and other affiliated support groups.

*(See following page for definition)


Acceptable Donor:

Individual – A person of good standing in the community whose contribution does not bring any unacceptable obligation to the school nor does it serve as an advertisement for specific products or services

Business/Industry Community Group

A business or industry that: A group that:

a. Desires to provide assistance a. The Superintendent and/or his

in an appropriate manner. Designee has reviewed to insure

its purpose and by-laws are consistent with the mission of the public education.

b. Does not market its b. Is duly incorporated and organized

partnership with schools as an as a non-profit organization under

extension of its advertisement the laws of Maryland.

program without the approval

of the Superintendent and School

Board. C. Desires to provide assistance but

not be involved in the organization or operation of schools.