Talbot County
Policy Code 4.8

Easton, MD 21601
Adopted: 03/27/91
REVIEWED: 08/02/10


I. The relationship between suppliers and personnel directly or indirectly involved in recommending and/or procuring goods and/OR services for the school system will be governed by the following guidelines:

A. The Board of Education will invite quotes and bids from all interested vendors,

regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age or handicap.

B. Favoritism will not be extended to any vendor. Each order will be placed on the basis

of quality, price, and delivery, past services being a factor if all other considerations

are equal.

C. Any gifts or gratuities of any kind, which are accepted from past, present, or potential

suppliers by individual employees of the Board of Education or members of their

immediate family, will become the property of the Talbot County Public Schools.

D. Samples for evaluation, supplied free of charge by a supplier or potential supplier,

may be accepted provided:

1. No pressure, either direct or indirect, is brought on any supplier to provide

such samples (unless they are required of all potential suppliers as a specific

provision of a local or state bid request).

2. All suppliers are given equal opportunity to provide samples for evaluations.

E. Vendors shall not call at schools without a letter of approval from the office of the

Board of Education. Approvals shall be issued solely for the welfare of the school

system and the student body in general.

F. Vendors shall not schedule conferences in a manner which becomes a burden or

disruption to school personnel so as to jeopardize the function, that of instruction.

All conferences shall be on a scheduled basis, as approved by the building

principal or school manager.