EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 10/30/75

REVISED: 5/21/08

Position (Job) Classifications & Descriptions


To establish procedures for determining a position (job) classification, reclassifying an existing position, revising a position, classifying a proposed additional position, and writing and revising position specifications and job descriptions.


A job classification is a systematic grouping of positions based on established criteria and related economic factors.

A revision involves changing the title, pay plan, qualification, or description of an existing position class as a result of significant changes in duties and responsibilities that may occur over time. This may include the assigning of an existing or vacant position to a more appropriate classification and pay plan or the establishment of a new classification, typically as the result of the reorganization or restructuring of an office or work unit.


  • Determining Position Classification

Positions are included in the same classification when the same descriptive title applies, the same salary range is equitable for all of the positions in the classification, and the following are substantially similar:

1. Duties and responsibilities of the positions

2. Education and experience required

3. Tests, certification licensure or other methods used to determine applicants’ knowledge, abilities, and skills

Position (Job) Classifications & Descriptions

B. Review of Classification of an Existing Position

1. Each Administrator and supervisor may submit to the Personnel Department positions to consider for reclassification review. Each written request must include the current position classification, title and pay grade, the name(s) of incumbents, the name of the immediate supervisor, work location(s), and the significant changes in duties and responsibilities for the request. Requests must be received on or before September 1, to assure potential inclusion in the next year’s proposed budget.

2. After reviewing completed questionnaires, consulting with

appropriate administrators, examining information submitted by any interested stakeholders, and considering requirements of other positions in the same classification, the assistant superintendent responsible for the Personnel Department will submit recommendations to the superintendent or designee for final approval.

Recommendations may include the following:

a. No change in the classification of the position

b. A change in pay grade

c. A change in title

d. A change in the position description

e. Reclassification of an existing position

f. Establishment of a new position

3. The Personnel Department notifies in writing all affected incumbents, managers and supervisors, the results. This notification informs interested parties of their right to submit additional information not previously provided that might support reconsideration of the decision. The results of these actions may be incorporated in the superintendent’s budget for approval by the Board of Education. Actions will normally take effect at the beginning of the next fiscal year unless otherwise authorized by the superintendent.

Position (Job) Classifications & Descriptions

4. While positions are normally reviewed only during a periodic reclassification study, the superintendent or assistant superintendent may approve the immediate reclassification or immediately initiate a study of a position whenever they deem it necessary.

C. Revising a Position

1. A position may warrant revision when there is a proposed substantive change in the kind and level of assigned duties and responsibilities or the required qualifications. Normally, revision occurs during staff reductions, reorganization, or assumption of significantly different services, functions, duties, and responsibilities, and is handled generally, but not always, through the budget process. However, if there is a demonstrated need to change a position during the fiscal year, the superintendent or his/her designee may approve revision of a position. Restructuring plans using existing classifications require advanced approval from the superintendent or designee.

2. A principal, manager or supervisor may submit a written request to revise a position to the superintendent. The request must be reviewed and be recommended by the superintendent or his/her designee. The request must contain the reason(s) for reconstituting the position and, if needed, a revised classification description incorporating new duties, responsibilities, and qualification standards. As part of the review process, study by personnel department may be initiated. Final approval is made by the Superintendent or designee.

3. Changes in pay approved for immediate action will normally take effect on the next full pay period following receipt of written notification of approval by the personnel department.

4. When a position is reconstituted, the incumbent may apply for that

position. If a reduction in force becomes necessary, the notice requirements and benefit options will be in accordance with the appropriate Board policy, past practice or negotiated agreement.

D. Classifying a Proposed Additional Position

During the development of the operational budget, an appropriate administrator may recommend an additional position with duties and responsibilities not included in an existing classification. Additional

Position (Job) Classifications & Descriptions

requests may be made during the fiscal year to implement program and organizational changes occurring before budget adoption.

E. Job Descriptions

When changes are made in the duties and responsibilities of incumbents or upon establishment of a new position, the appropriate department or school will draft a new or revised job description for review and approval by the personnel department. Job descriptions reporting to the Board’s personnel administrator shall be approved by the Superintendent or designee. Job descriptions should be reviewed prior to advertising a vacancy to ensure currency.