EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 05/10/89
REVISED: 08/16/00
REVIEWED: 07/30/10


I. Talbot County Public Schools believes that every enrolled student in grades K-8 will meet the ever changing and rigorous State standards required for promotion into 9th grade and High School Graduation. This will require both school and student accountability and a mechanism to gauge every student’s performance to ensure that each student receives the instructional support for success.

II. In particular, extended year programs (summer school) shall be offered to augment basic skills of elementary and middle school students and to extend make-up opportunities to high school students. Courses offering extended or enrichment experiences such as keyboarding, computer literacy, outdoor education, etc., shall be offered when feasible.

III It shall be the Board of Education’s goal to provide extended year opportunities free of charge to all students who are in need of such services at the elementary and middle school level. Students who are repeating courses at the high school level due to incompletes or failures will be charged tuition. It is, however, the desire of the Board that no student be excluded for inability to pay.

IV. As a result, Talbot County Public Schools has created both extended day and extended year intervention programs to address individual student needs in the areas of reading and/or math at the elementary and middle school level. In order to ensure each student’s ultimate success in acquiring an adequate education as indicated by passing the high school assessment and earning a high school diploma, Talbot County Public Schools will require mandatory student participation for both extended day and extended year for students who are one grade level or more below in reading and/or math. The Promotion/Intervention Policy Code 9.30 and 9.30-AR guidelines will be followed to determine eligibility for intervention programs. Each program will include student eligibility criteria, quarterly progress measures for students, parents and teachers, and student evaluation measures. The application of this policy to students with disabilities will be determined by each student’s IEP Committee.

Additionally, at the middle school level, individual learning plans will be developed for students at risk of meeting the requirements for promotion to 9th grade. These plans will identify mechanisms to monitor individual students’ academic progress and determine the appropriate intervention programs to prevent failure.

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