EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 11/20/02
REVISED: 7/19/2017


I. Governing Regulations

A. These procedures are established to assure compliance with Policy Code 9.11 and Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) regulations governing school Extra Curricular Activities.

B. All decisions on Extra Curricular Rules, Regulations and Policy changes shall be subject to the approval of the County Superintendent of Schools and the Talbot County Board of Education.

C. The Principals of the Schools shall be held accountable for administering and supervising the Extra Curricular programs in their schools.

D. School Sponsors/Advisors are responsible to the Principal for organizing, administering, and supervising the operation of the School Extra Curricular Activities. These responsibilities will include initiating, organizing, maintaining, developing and evaluating each Extra Curricular Activity. A list of students participating in each extra curricular activity must be submitted to the Principal at the onset of the activity. These lists must be kept current.

E. The Sponsors/Advisors are responsible to the Principal for administering all rules and regulations, governing the Extra Curricular Activity he/she sponsors/advises.

F. Upon notification of an alleged violation of a rule or county policy the Principal shall conduct an investigation and shall notify the School Superintendent.

II. Selection of Sponsors/Advisors

A. School Principals shall act as the Superintendent's designee and hire and/or appoint on an annual basis, Sponsors/Advisors for all activities. These positions shall include "Extra Duty - Extra Pay" positions as listed in the Comprehensive Agreement between the Board and TCEA and volunteer (unpaid) positions filled by school staff, parents and/or members of the public.

B. In the spring, each principal shall submit a list of sponsors and advisors who have been assigned for the next school year to the Director of Human Resources and Student Services. The selection of these individuals shall be the responsibility of the Principal.

C. All Talbot County Public School employees shall be given the opportunity to apply. Assignments shall be for one year only, and there shall be no tenure in the Sponsor/Advisor assignment. If an applicant works in another school, there must be a mutual agreement approving the Sponsorship/Advisement, in writing, between the principals of the schools involved.

D. Sponsors/Advisors may be evaluated as deemed necessary by the principal using a standard form or in a narrative format. Copies of all such evaluations shall be provided to the parties concerned and the Personnel Department.

E. All Sponsors/Advisors shall sign EXTRA PAY for EXTRA DUTY AGREEMENT each year they are hired or appointed. (Copies of this AGREEMENT are included as an addendum to this procedure). Signed copies shall be distributed as noted.

III. Non-paid Sponsors and Advisors

A. Occasionally, the schools or Board of Education receive applications from employees or non-employees to become a sponsor/advisor in an extra curricular activity that has all positions filled as designated by the negotiated agreement or the Superintendent of Schools. When this happens, the following shall apply:

1. The person must complete a successful interview with the Principal.

2. Duty hours shall not be missed for regular meetings or away activities.

3. The work shall be on a voluntary, non-paid basis and there shall be no tenure in the sponsor or advisor assignment.

4. The volunteer sponsor/advisor, when/if approved will attend all meetings and must complete the entire extra curricular activity schedule unless relieved of duty by the school administration.

5. The individual must comply with all related Talbot County Public Schools policies and procedures.

B. All voluntary (unpaid) Sponsors, and Advisors shall meet the same requirements as paid staff, including fingerprinting and a signed Agreement.

IV. Loss of Eligibility

A. A student in the public schools of Talbot County is ineligible to participate in extra

curricular activities when:

1. For a first violation of Policy Code 10.17, Alcohol And/Or Drug Use By Students, a student will be ineligible for athletics, extracurricular and after school activities for 90 school days.

The period of ineligibility will be reduced to 45 calendar school days if the student voluntarily attends an approved drug and alcohol program and if the Talbot County Public Schools is notified by the program that the student has gone through intake and is following the recommendations of the program. Should such a program engage in drug testing of a student, the test results shall not be released to the Talbot County Public Schools. A second violation will result in the student being ineligible to participate in extracurricular and after school activities for 180 school days. Any students assigned to a school or alternative program for all other disciplinary infractions that would otherwise result in extended suspension or expulsion will be ineligible for extracurricular activities for 90 school days beginning with the date of the assignment.

2. Students must be in attendance A FULL DAY in order to practice or participate in extra curricular activities as referenced in the Student Attendance Policy 10.2-AR. The principal may make an exception in the case of extenuating circumstances.

3. To be eligible to participate in extra curricular activities, a 2.0 GPA must be maintained at each official grade check.

90 – 100 – A = 4pts

80 – 89 – B = 3pts

70 – 79 – C = 2pts

60 – 69 – D = 1pt*

59 or below F= 0pts

*Calculated only for athletic/extracurricular eligibility

Any student earning more than one (1) failing grade (F), will be declared ineligible to participate in extra curricular activities. Any student receiving less than a 2.0 GPA for an official grade check shall become ineligible to participate but will have the opportunity to raise the grade by the mid point of the next marking period and regain his/her eligibility status. It is the student’s responsibility to request this reevaluation.

Students on Dual Enrollment are bound by this requirement. College course(s) are considered part of the course load. Therefore, college grades impact eligibility the same way high school grades do.

If failing grades and/or incomplete grades are satisfactorily made up in agreement with County make-up policy, the student would then become eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

If an audition/try out is scheduled within one calendar week of a grade check, for a performance that occurs after the grade check, a student may participate in that audition/try out, with final eligibility determined by the scheduled grade check.

4. Summer school grades have no bearing on eligibility. Summer make-

up classes receive their own grade. These grades do NOT replace earned

grades from the previous school year, and are not one of the four official

eligibility grade checks.

5. The 4th marking period grades shall determine high school eligibility for the fall

sports season. The 8th grade 4th marking period grades will be used to determine 9th

grade eligibility for fall sports.

6. The principal shall suspend a student’s extra curricular activities if the student is at risk for academic reasons or if the student is at risk of failing to meet graduation requirements. The initial period of suspension shall be for a minimum of five school days, with the option of additional days as the principal may determine.

See VI.

V. Regaining Eligibility

  1. It is the responsibility of the academically ineligible student to request a grade point check at the midpoint of the marking period/time of interim report distribution.
  2. Previously ineligible students who meet the 2.0 GPA at the grade point check will become eligible for participation.
  1. If they were members of a specific team or club earlier in the season, they may be reinstated to that specific team, club or group by general consensus of the advisor and principal.
  2. If “try-outs/audition periods” were involved, and provided no cuts were made, the student may be granted an opportunity to try out by general consensus of the advisor and principal. A request to try out must be made to the sponsor/advisor or principal within three (3) days of becoming eligible.

VI. Appeals Process

A. The parent/guardian may appeal the decision of the principal for any suspension over 5 days. The appeal process is as follows:

1. A written appeal must be presented to the principal within five (5) days of the date of the principal’s decision.

2. The student may have representation at an informal hearing. If representation includes an attorney, the student must give 72 hours notice that an attorney will be present.

3. An informal hearing shall be convened within five school days of receipt of notice of appeal.

4. An appeals committee, consisting of a Student Services Worker, School Counselor, and a teacher selected by the principal shall hear the appeal, call witnesses, conduct fact finding and make a written recommendation to the Assistant Superintendent /Designee. The Assistant Superintendent/Designee shall review the recommendation, may conduct fact -finding, and then make a decision relative to the student’s eligibility and/or suspension within ten (10) calendar days.

5. The student is not eligible to participate in extra curricular activities during the appeals process.

VII. Suspension

A. A student’s extra curricular activities will be suspended by the principal /designee for:

1. Violation of Talbot County Public Schools Alcohol and Drug Policy Code 10.17.

See also IV.I. on school property or during school sponsored activities.

2.Any student in violation of Talbot County Public Schools Tobacco Policy Code 11.3 on school property or during school sponsored activities will be suspended for a minimum of 15 days.

3. The Principal may suspend a student for conduct that occurs off school property if such conduct adversely impacts the health, safety, good order, or discipline of the team and/or schools.

4. Failure to maintain academic requirements (See IV.B).

5. The suspension shall continue into the following school year if necessary to impose the minimum period of this section. (See IV.A).

6. A suspension shall include In-School Removal, In-School Suspension, Short Term Suspension, Long Term Suspension, Checkmate, Extended Suspension and Expulsion.

7. A sponsor, advisor or School Administrator may immediately suspend a student from participating in extra curricular activities for behavior which is disruptive

and detrimental to the operation of the school, whether the student is acting as a participant or as a spectator.

  1. A suspension by a sponsor/advisor from participation in extra curricular activities for more than five (5) days requires the following procedures to be followed:
    1. A written statement of specific violation(s) presented by the sponsor/advisor to the student, parent or guardian, and Principal.
    2. A scheduled conference within five (5) days involving the parents or guardian, student, and sponsor/advisor.
    3. A recommendation concerning the length of suspension will be made by the sponsor/advisor to the Principal.
    4. A written decision relative to the student’s eligibility and length of suspension will be made by the principal.

VIII. Scheduling

A. The closing of schools because of inclement weather will automatically cancel all extra curricular activities that were scheduled for that day.

IX. Miscellaneous

A. It is the responsibility of sponsors/advisors to:

1. Remain at the school until the last student has departed or joined another school activity, unless the sponsor/advisor has arranged for a faculty member to assume responsibility in his/her absence.

2. Provide a written copy of the group Rules and Regulations to the school administrator for approval prior to the first meeting.

3. Provide communication concerning the specific rules governing each activity to the students and provide an opportunity for discussion of such rules with students and parents on an individual or group basis.

3.Administer appropriate forms of discipline for infractions of policies, rules, or regulations.

X. Rules and Regulations Relating to the Transportation of Students Involved in Extra

Curricular Activities

A. The School Principal/designee is responsible for arranging and providing transportation to all student extra curricular activities. The advisor/teacher shall give the bus driver directions to the site of the activity prior to departure.

B. County transportation policies governing student conduct on a school bus will be in effect while student groups are being transported.

C. All participants must travel with the teacher/advisor to and from the site of the activity. Participants may not board/exit the bus along the route of travel. The principal may grant an exception to this policy, provided a parental waiver is on file prior to the trip.

D. A teacher(s) or sponsor(s)/advisor(s) shall ride on each bus and shall be in charge of students. The teacher/sponsor is to be seated behind all students for the entirety of the trip. The bus trip will not proceed if any students are seated behind the teacher/advisor. A sponsor/advisor should always accompany student groups unless an emergency requires supervision by other approved personnel.

E. Under no circumstances should an unauthorized individual be allowed to stop or board a school bus. The bus driver will radio the Transportation Department immediately if any person, other than a school or law enforcement official, attempts to stop or board a bus. The driver will provide the vehicle tag number and continue on his/her scheduled run. The Transportation Department will contact the police authority for assistance in handling the situation.

F. Buses will be provided primarily to transport members of student groups.

G. The coach/teacher shall promptly notify the Transportation Department whenever a meeting is postponed or canceled if they have been responsible for arranging and providing transportation.

XI. Guidelines for Quoting, Bidding, and Purchasing of Extracurricular Supplies, Equipment and Services

A. The process used for purchases made by Talbot County Public School employees for any school related function including extra curricular and related activities shall conform with existing Board policies and procedures.

B. All purchases of goods and services with Board of Education funds must be made on properly executed purchase orders. The Board will not be responsible for any purchases not made on these forms. Emergency purchases are exceptions if the circumstances are fully documented within three (3) workdays and approved by the Superintendent.

C. The principal has the authority and is responsible for the selection of appropriate vendors in conformance with all of the policies and procedures noted above.

(See Agreement Which Follows)



School Extra Curricular Programs


____________________________ ____________________________________

Name Teaching Assignment (if applicable)


Social Security No.

I am pleased to acknowledge your voluntary assignment to the

position of ________________________________ at ____________________

for the school year __________________________.

Your compensation for this activity will be ____________ payable upon completion of the activity's responsibilities. Your compensation for the activity will be forfeited if this agreement is terminated for cause by the principal or if you withdraw from the activity prior to the completion of responsibilities. This assignment is limited solely and only to the ________________ school year, it being expressly understood and agreed that this assignment and acceptance expires at the end of the designated school year and TALBOT COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS shall under no

circumstances be lawfully bound to designate duties of any type for an ensuing school year and the Sponsor/Advisor shall under no circumstances be lawfully bound to accept additional duties of any type for an ensuing school year.

Your acceptance of this agreement means you are assuming the responsibilities and obligations of this position in with the policies and procedures of the Talbot County Public Schools. Thank you for caring enough to support our extra-curricular programs through your generous donation of time and


__________________________________ ___________________________

Sponsor/Advisor Principal

__________________________________ ___________________________

Date Date

Copies: Sponsor/Advisor