EASTON, MD 21601
ENDORSED: 08/28/91
REVISED: 11/17/04
REVIEWED: 07/30/10


I. The Board of Education believes that each school shall have an advisory fundraising committee to provide proper guidance and establish guidelines for fundraising activities. This committee should be comprised of teachers, parents, administrators, and students (where appropriate) and shall be chosen and administered by the School Manager. The following regulations shall apply to all schools and school related (sponsored) organizations, and serve as guidelines for other organizations, such as the PTA, that work in partnership with the schools:

  • II.Plans for fundraising activities should be submitted to the advisory committee and approved in advance of the designated date for the fundraiser. A decision may be appealed first to the building principal, then to the Superintendent. The School Manager, however, must approve all school sponsored fundraising activities and approve acceptance of all gifts or donations made to the school unless his/her decision is altered through an appeal to the Superintendent.
  • III.Copies of Policy Codes 9.13 and 9.13 – AR should be included in student handbooks, if applicable, and made available upon request to all interest persons.
  • IV.Door-to-door sales and neighborhood canvassing by students shall be prohibited. A statement to this fact must be made known to parents annually. This can be done in writing on school stationery or through other acceptable means, such as student/parent handbooks, school newsletters, etc.
  • V.Whenever outside companies or agencies are used for fundraising projects by schools or school related organizations, the quality of the product and the reputation of the firm must be considered. Their use must be scrutinized by the advisory fundraising committee and approved by the school manager. In addition, any related contracts must be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Support Services before being signed.
  • VI.All funds raised by schools (or sponsored organizations) and the resulting purchases with these funds are to be reported in writing annually to the principal with a copy going to the Superintendent. This report shall include monies in escrow and their intended purpose. This report may be included as part of the annual school financial audit.
  • VII.No student can be required to participate in a fundraiser.
  • VIII.The school shall not be associated in any way with fundraising activities that involve the use or sale of alcohol, tobacco, or other abusive substance in any form.
  • IX.School involvement in any way with incentive based sales which are designed to increase school profits with cash or non-educational merchandise prizes shall be prohibited.
  • X.Whenever possible, administrative activities associated with fundraising, such as orientations, collection of funds, record keeping, distribution of products, etc., should be restricted to non-instructional hours.
  • XI.Acceptable methods of fundraising include, but may not be limited to, the following:
    1. XII.School wide fundraising (drives) for charitable organizations shall be limited to two per year per school. At the beginning of each school year, each school should select the drive(s) in which it will participate financially. Schools should consider varying selections in order to offer students a variety of experiences.