9.17- AR

EASTON, MD 21601
ENDORSED: 10/20/09
REVISED: 9/16/2015


I. Review and Adoption Procedures

A. Texts proposed for adoption will be presented to the Board at least one month prior to the date of implementation. Text proposals will include the following:

1. Text title and copyright

2. An examination copy will be available in the Superintendent’s office for Board review.

3. All information pertinent to the proposal such as; need, how the text meets the need relationship between text and course outcomes, adherence to selection guidelines, selection procedures, and cost.

B. During the interim period of one month the texts will be made available for review and examination at the public library. Input/feedback from the public will be sent directly to the Superintendent.

C. School system communication tools will be used to inform parents and the community of the availability of a textbook for review.

D. At the end of the 30 (thirty) day review period, the Superintendent will make a recommendation to the Board for their adoption. The Board will make the final decision for adoption.

II. Selection Guidelines

A. The following criteria will be considered when evaluating and selecting textbooks and other instructional media. Content should:

- Be accurate and objective.

- Represent broad spectrum of viewpoints of given topics.

- Contain bibliographies reflecting multi-media materials.

- Be authoritative, realistic.

- Be arranged in a systematic manner.

- Reflect the pluralistic character and culture of the American people.

- Be free of sexual stereotyping.

- Represent various ethnic groups.

- Be relevant to today's world

- Represent artistic, historic and literary qualities.

- Reflect problems, aspirations, attitudes, and ideals of a society.

- Be pertinent and contribute to the curricula and courses of study.

- Be appropriate to the level of the learner.

- Represent differing viewpoints on controversial subjects.

- Provide a stimulus to creativity.

- Meet universal design specifications.

III. Purchasing Guidelines

A. New Adoptions

Books adopted by the Board for initial implementation will be purchased as follows:

1. The appropriate Curriculum Specialist, working with the principals, will determine system-wide needs and will be responsible for including these requests in the instructional budget at the Central Office.

2. Purchase orders will be prepared at the Central Office.

3. Books will be shipped direct to schools for processing prior to assignment to staff and students. Inventory will be accomplished through the computerized inventory process at the Central Office.

B. Replacement and Additional Copies

It is the principal's responsibility to budget for such needs and to include them in the school's annual budget request.

Books if adopted by the Board, may be purchased to:

1. Replace worn out or lost books.

2. Provide additional copies.

IV. Used Textbooks

A. Purchase

Used textbooks, when purchased from reputable vendors, have the appearance of nearly new texts and can result in substantial savings. Texts adopted by the Board may be purchased under the following conditions:

1. They are being purchased to replace worn out or lost books.

2. They are being purchased to provide additional copies.

3. They are not being purchased as part of an initial adoption by the Board of Education.

B. Sale

Textbooks inventoried within the schools are the property of the Talbot County Board of Education and may be reassigned from school to school based upon need. Used texts may be sold only under the following conditions:

1. The books are not part of a series currently being used in Talbot County Public Schools.

2. The books are not needed in another school.

3. The school prepares a full accounting of the proposed transaction including title, author, publisher, copyright date, number of texts, proposed sale price and the school account designated for the proceeds.

4. The transaction is approved by the building Principal and appropriate Curriculum Specialist.

5. The proceeds from the sale are remitted direct from the purchaser to the Controller of the Board of Education who credits the designated account of the selling school.

C. Disposal

Textbooks inventoried within the schools are the property of the Talbot County Board of Education and may be disposed of only under the following conditions:

1. The books are not of a series currently being used in Talbot County Public Schools.

2. The books are not needed in another school.

3. There is no market for the sale of the used books.

4. Confirmation has been received from the appropriate Curriculum Specialist at the Central Office.

5. Consult with the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction to determine whether recycling is an option.

Books will be boxed, securely taped, and marked "OLD BOOKS - FOR DISPOSAL ONLY." Boxes will be disposed of at the school. The building principal, or designee, will supervise the disposal of the discarded texts and assure that the inventory is revised in accordance with county regulations.

The principal has the option of making used texts available to school districts outside of Maryland where there is a clear need resulting from natural disasters or other unfortunate circumstances. In such cases the principal will adhere to the guidelines specified under Section C.

V. Lost and Damaged Books

School System

All lost, willfully or carelessly damaged books including media center materials] (upon the principal's determination), are to be paid for by the students at the following rates:

Cost price during the first year of use.

(Charge 100%)

Cost price less 1/6 during the second year of use.

(Charge 83%)

Cost price less 1/3 during the third year of use.

(Charge 67%)

Cost price less 1/2 thereafter.

(Charge 50%)

Principals will forward any money collected for this purpose,

that is not used to purchase replacement materials to the Controller immediately upon its collection.