EASTON, MD 21601
ADOPTED: 01/11/95
ENDORSED: 09/15/04
REVIEWED: 07/30/10


  • I.Procedures for Selection
    1. reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aides such as THE STANDARD CATALOG FOR HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARIES, THE CHILDREN’S CATALOG, BOOKLIST, and SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.
    2. Professionals from all departments and/or grade levels.
    3. Media managers, teachers, students, parents, and community members.
  • II.Responsibility for Selection of Materials
  • III.Criteria for Selection of Instructional Materials
    1. needs of the curriculum
    2. needs within the existing collection
    3. suitability of format
    4. readability and popular appeal
    5. accuracy and authority
    6. reputation of the publisher/producer
    7. literary quality – clarity, readability, brevity
    8. usefulness of the materials – inclusion of indexes, illustrations, glossaries, bibliographies, study guides, supplemental materials
    9. quality of the materials
    10. timeliness of permanence
    11. value commensurate with cost
    12. beliefs of the Talbot County Public School system and content standards.
  • IV.Challenged Materials
    1. Be courteous, but make no commitments.
    2. The complainant will be invited to file objections in writing and will be given a copy of the CITIZEN’S REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION OF MATERIALS to complete.
    3. The Media Specialist will inform the Principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction about the complaint.
    4. If the complainant submits the reconsideration form, the Media Specialist will request the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction to convene a review committee comprised of appropriate administrators, teachers, media specialists, and a member of the Talbot Council of PTAs. The review will be chaired by a Media Specialist.
    5. The media specialist will temporarily withdraw the material pending a decision of the county review committee.
    6. The county review committee will do the following:
      1. read and examine the materials being challenged.
      2. check written review of the materials.
      3. consider strengths, weaknesses, and overall value of the material, and form opinions based on the material as a whole, and not on passages pulled out of context.
      4. meet to discuss the material and to prepare a report which will include an evaluation of the material, a decision on its merit, and a recommendation of appropriate action.
      5. the chairperson will send a copy of the report to the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for review and response.
      6. send a copy of the report to the complainant after the review by the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.
      7. meet with the complainant to present the decision of the committee.
      8. take appropriate action following the recommendations of the county review committee.
      9. inform the complainant that he/she has the option of appealing the decision to the superintendent.

In selecting materials for purchase, the Media Specialist will evaluate the existing collection and consult:

Gift materials will be judged by basic selection standards, and will be accepted or rejected by these standards following Talbot County policy.

Worn, missing, or obsolete items will be replaced or updated periodically according to basic selection standards.

Selection of materials will involve media specialists, principals, teachers, media managers, students, and content coordinators. The responsibility for coordinating the selection of instructional materials and for making the recommendation for purchase will rest with the professionally trained media specialist.

Materials for purchase will be based on the following criteria:


In response to objections to materials, the principles of the freedom to read, the School Library Bill of Rights, and the professional responsibility of the staff will be upheld.

If a complaint is made, the procedure will be as follows:





(To be completed by Building Principal and Complainant)

Author _________________________________ Title ___________________________________

Publisher _______________________________ Type of Material _________________________

Person initiating request ___________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number _________________________ Date _____________________________

Complainant represents:

_________________ himself

_________________ organization (name) ____________________________________________

_________________ other group (name) _____________________________________________

  • To what in the material do you object? (Please be specific. Cite examples.)
  • What do you feel might be the result of using this material?
  • For what age group would you recommend this item? _____________________________
  • Is there anything good about this material? ______________________________________
  • Did you study the entire item? ________________________________________________
  • With whom have you discussed this material and your objection? ____________________
  • What would you like your school to do about this item?




___________________ Do not assign it to my child.

___________________ Withdraw it from the collection.

___________________ Send it to the appropriate department for reevaluation.


Date Received Signature of Complainant


Name of School Signature of Principal