Curriculum Staff

This department is charged with coordinating the county-wide instructional program; insuring that students receive a quality education; providing professional development for teachers; overseeing the process of reviewing, selecting, and evaluating all instructional materials and textbooks; and writing, implementing and managing over $3 miilion dollars in grants.

The Talbot County Public School's (TCPS) curriculum is written by TCPS teachers and curriculum coordinators and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and other nationally recognized standards. These curricula are designed to insure that our students are able to compete in the global market and equipped with 21st century skills.

For more information about the Common Core State Standards or the new PARCC assessments please expand the links below.

Helga Einhorn Ph.d.

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Christine Davis

Supervisor, Secondary English & Social Studies, ESOL, World Language, Library-Media

Tracy Elzey

Supervisor K-12 Social Studies, K-12 Library Media, Junior Achievement, Service Learning and Character Education

Anna Howie

Supervisor, Career and Technology Education, Free Enterprise, ETMA, Beyond Diversity, Grow Your Own

Liz Haslup

Supervisor, Elementary Reading, Early Childhood, Judy Center, Title IIA, New Teachers

Elton holmes

Supervisor, Local Accountability & Secondary Mathematics

Bill Keswick

Supervisor K-12 Science, K-12 PE and Health, and Community Wellness Programs

Laura Levin

Administrative Assistant

Kristin Mentges

Supervisor, Special Education, Infant & Toddler, MSSEC

James Redman

Supervisor, Title I, Family Involvement, Fine Arts K-12, TOY, New Teachers, Service Learning

Michele Ringgold

Administrative Assistant

David Stofa

Director of Athletics

Sherry Sutton Ed.D.

Supervisor Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Elementary Social Studies, Gifted and Talented